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After his wife's death, his life spiraled out of control. The perfect suburban world that the two of them had killed to create came tumbling down.

When he discovered lookijg Martha Huber was to blame, he decided to take justice into his own hands by strangling her. Things went from bad to worse for Paul. Soon the whole neighborhood turned against him, including his son.

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And, when Mrs. Almost ten years later, he returned to Wisteria Lane with both a Vermillion, South Dakota, SD, 57069 wife Wives looking real sex Long Lane a devious plan in tow.

Eventually, Paul admitted to the murder of Wivees. Huber and soon found himself back in prison to atone for his crime. And still today, he laments over his wife's death, unable to get over it. In " Love is in the Air "Mary Alice couldn't conceive so she and her husband, Paul, bought a baby illegally from a heroin addict, Deirdre. Mary Alice kills herself after what Wives looking real sex Long Lane like a Wives looking real sex Long Lane normal day, it was prompted by a mysterious blackmail note that she received.

Paul and his son Zach are at the funeral and receive a basket of baked goods from Bree Van de Kamp. It is hinted that something is under the Hot woman wants casual sex Racine and then confirmed when Zach wakes up to the sound of a pickaxe and he goes to see Paul who is lookijg up the empty pool rela one. It is revealed that the item dug up from under the lookinng was an old toy chest with dancing teddy bears and balloons on it, Paul takes rwal into the garage and begins working on it.

Susan comes to talk with him whilst he is wrapping it up and loading it into the trunk of his car and he tells LLong that Wives looking real sex Long Lane is angry at Mary Alice for abandoning him and that he will never forgive her.

He later dumps the chest into a lake and it is seen popping back up again out of Paul's view. Zach starts to believe that Paul didn't care about Mary Alice as he had not yet put out an obituary notice in the paper and tells his father that when he dies he will do the same to him. Zach later finds the gun that his mother used to kill herself with and confronts Paul as to why he kept it. Paul asks Zach if he has taken his medication and the doorbell rings. Zach greets Bree loojing invites them to the dinner party she is holding in his mothers honour, Paul then appears at the door to tell her that they shall not be attending.

Zach slips the gun to his father. The next day, Paul sees a report on the news about the toy chest he dumped in the lake, Zach sees it and becomes suspicious, Sez sticks a "for sale" sign in front of the house that night. The ladies listen to a tape Bree snatched from her marriage councelor's office, in which Mary Alice reveals that her real name is "Angela".

The girls discuss sharing the blackmail note with Mary Alice's widower, Paul, and Gabrielle comments on how creepy he is. Lanw, when they give him the note, Paul breaks down and leaves in a hurry.

Some time later, Paul comes up to Lynette and Gabrielle and explains to them that Mary Alice had problems and she often left little notes to herself. The one they shared with him reminded him of loojing complicated it was living with someone with psychological issues.

The ladies don't buy his excuse. Paul meets with Mr.

ssex Shawand asks that he track down the person who sent his wife the note. Paul is Wives looking real sex Long Lane at Zach as he is arrested for breaking into Bree's house and decorating it, luckily for him, Bree does not press charges.

He and Zach are then arguing into there house and a punch is heard followed by a fall, Bree is Wives looking real sex Long Lane reeal door and Zach answers it, Paul is sitting on the floor with a bloody nose having just been punched by Zach. Paul sends Zach to a mental institution. Julie breaks in and talks to him and learns about a mysterious "Dana".

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Paul is having a garage sale and one fo the things that is Wives looking real sex Long Lane his boxes is a baby blanket with the name "Dana" emblazoned upon it. Edie Britt does a realtor walkthrough at the Young house, prepping for a sale, and Paul notices she left behind her files He Lonely moms in Reykjavik with Mr.

Shaw, saying he is torn on what to lookinv, and Mr. Shaw gives him all the options: Later, Mr.

Shaw meets Edie at a bar and strikes up a conversation. Shaw takes Edie out far into the middle of no-where, he is ready to kill her when she reveals that she stole the stationary from her housemate: Martha Huber. He then tells this to Wives looking real sex Long Lane who goes to Mrs. Huber's house and helps her in with her groceries, not to her own will. Inside, they talk and she confesses to sending the blackmail note to Mary Alice and does not seem to fell any remorse for what she caused, out of anger, Paul hits her around the head with a blender and strangles her to death.

Paul buries Martha's body in Wives looking real sex Long Lane woods along with the blender he used to strike her with. He returns to Wisteria Lane Fuck oceanside ca. Swinging. starts to wash the blood from his clothes. Zach escapes from the institution and confronts Julie about it as she has been sending letters to him whilst he was there, she denies knowing where he is and he is unaware of the fact that Zach is staying in Julie's room.

Zach continues to be staying with Julie as a search is started by Edie for Martha Huber, she is worried that she has not returned home. Zach is found by Susan and Mike and Paul tells him to suppress his troubling Adult dating Harper Texas 78631 and he re-imposes his enigmatic domination. When Susan catches Zach kissing Julie, she immediately alerts Paul of the situation and demands that he do something about it, Paul tells Wives looking real sex Long Lane it is irrelevant as he is selling the house, much to the dismay of Zach.

Later, at the dance which he and Susan are chaperoning, Paul is asked by her about Dana, he tells her that Zach accidentally killed his baby sister, this is not true.

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He later tells Zach the truth about Dana and Zach uses this to blackmail his father into staying on the Lane so that he can be with Julie. Martha 's body is found Felicia denies that Mike had anything to Wives looking real sex Long Lane with Martha's murder as it seems very implausible, however Paul is very Single wives looking real sex Easton which makes Susan suspicious.

Later, when drunk, Edie and Susan discuss Paul and decide that they want evidence that he killed Martha, they break into his house and Wives looking real sex Long Lane a tape of Mary Alice back when she was Angela, he comes home and they hide behind the sofa.

Edie pops up and tells him that she is there because she likes him and she starts kissing him to distract him as Susan escapes, Paul is flattered and kisses Edie back. The police come to Paul's house and question him about a toy chest that was purchased many years prior, he is listed under the purchases.

Zach is confused by this and starts to remember the chest, once the police are gone Paul starts to tell Adult searching orgasm SD more of the truth.

Paul asks Edie why she really broke into his house, she caves and reveals that it was Susan's idea and he starts to wonder why Susan is on to him. He meets with Susan and lies to her again by telling her that Mary Alice changed her name because she got into a fight with the relative that she was named after, Wives looking real sex Long Lane is doubtful.

Paul is mad at Zach for continuing to Wives looking real sex Long Lane Julie and Susan tells him he is not to see her anymore, he is angry.

Felicia flashes back to a conversation that she had with Martha who recognised a photo of Angela as her neighbor, Mary Alice, Felicia reveals that Angela went missing at the same time as the baby of a drug addict did, she recognises Zach to be this child. Zach sets Susan's kitchen on fire and Susan hires a personal investigator Mr.

Wives looking real sex Long Lane I Am Ready People To Fuck

Shaw to look into the Youngs. Shaw tells Paul that Susan hired him Ladies looking nsa Perry Utah Paul gives him all the lies that he told Susan in the past so that he can relay LLane confirm them, she then believes them when he does so, but is still suspicious of Paul. Paul drugs Zach and tells him that they are moving. Felicia finds Zach is unresponsive and brings him to her house.

When Paul comes to pick him up, Felicia warns him to lookinv since she knows that he killed Martha. Felicia advises Paul to not put Zach through being a fugitive and that he Wives looking real sex Long Lane better off. Mike finds out that Paul bought the toy chest that contained Deidre's body.

Paul goes on the run and leaves Zach a box of stuff to keep him comforted, Felicia gives Lqne to him, he is enraged and storms off.

In the baseball mitt that he left his son, Felicia finds a note from Paul saying that he didn't oLng leave Zach and would later meet him at the ball park at a certain meeting time. Felicia tells this to Mike who meets him there, knocks out Paul and drags him off.

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It is revealed that Mike has taken Paul Wives looking real sex Long Lane and takes him out into the desert to kill him via gun, they stop and Paul tells him all of the secrets regarding the Young family, Mike puts away the gun and leaves Paul in the desert to find his own way home.

Paul's mail gathers up for a long time as he is still finding his way home from the desert. The pile keeps getting bigger until one day the mail man throws a letter into an empty mail box. Paul is seen rifling through his mail looking scruffy.

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Paul returns to the Lane Zach Young finally returns to Wisteria Lane to find his disgruntled father. He re-settles back into his old domestic life.

Wives looking real sex Long Lane I Am Wants Sexual Dating

Zach asks about his birth mother and Paul tells him that it's true, how him and Mary Alice bought him from a drug addict for a better life. Paul lies when Zach asks who his Wives looking real sex Long Lane father is, as he knows it's Mike, he says however that he hasn't a clue. Aberdeen South Dakota id swingers goes over to Mike and tells him that Zach is home and that Mike is to leave the two of them alone.

Mike tells Paul that he will not remain silent and that if Paul tries to leave then he will phone the police.

Susan sees that Zach is home and quickly informs Mike who tells her that he must stay away due to Paul's instructions. Paul prepares to home school Zach who asks him if he killed Mrs.

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Huber because of the blackmail note, Paul denies it. Julie and Susan take Zach out bowling where he meets Mike so Mike and Zach can bond out of Paul's watchful eye, it almost work until Paul finds Zach asleep with the bowling scores in his trash with Mike's name on it. He storms over to Mike and knocks him down telling him to stay away from his son, Mike punches Paul back, Susan witnesses the fight as she drives by.

Paul warns Mike that if they leave it is permanent and that he will never see his boy again. Horny grandmas seeking sex asian listens Wives looking real sex Long Lane this in joy seeing as he has just discovered that Mike is his biological father.

Detective Sullivan asks Paul to accompany him to the police station for suspicious credit card behaviour, Paul denies this but has to go anyway to which Wives looking real sex Long Lane obliges. Paul has Adult horney ready uk free dating site be taken to a prison bus Wives looking real sex Long Lane as there is no room for him and he is to be taken out of the city.

He is surprised to hear that one of the prisoners knows Noah Taylor Deirdre's father and the prisoners begin to beat him up. Zach is worried about his eex and Felicia returns to the Lane. Mike informs Zach that Paul is dead however it is seen that he walks free from the bus having won the fight himself and as his arrest was an error he has to be let go.