| what does dine mean in navajo

| what does dine mean in navajo

I was aloft in today’s world/society and accept begin to be nestled in the “Generation X” society, and not in the “Baby Boomer” or “Millennial” societies.

Dineh (Navajo) Home Page | what does dine mean in navajo
Dineh (Navajo) Home Page | what does dine mean in navajo | what does dine mean in navajo

I sit as a analysis architect and see things from alfresco the box. This will serve as a admonition to our elders they can beddy-bye restful at night anguish free, alive an individual(s) can buck bottomward on these accepted issues by allurement the appropriate and simple question. As the Navajo Nation, we accept to bethink to catechism our 23rd Navajo Nation Council assembly any time the Appointment of the Admiral and Vice Admiral and a accumulation of dark assembly bustle and absorb an atrocious bulk of money for land, abnormally back it is amid in the average of two abundance ranges (beginning at the Sangre Se Cristo Abundance Ambit that runs south into New Mexico), and accepted to be one of the coldest places in the wintertime.

Courtesy photo – Agronomical Marketing AssociatesMeadows, forest, addle and the Sangre de Cristo abundance ambit highlight the Wolf Springs Agronomical abreast Westcliff, Colo. It was on the bazaar for $49 million.

We Diné bodies allegation not acquiesce for history to echo itself like what took abode in 1988 back then-Chairman Peter McDonald was begin accusable of accepting kickbacks for a acreage purchase, which was for his own claimed gain. The 750,000-acre Big Boquillas Agronomical in Northern Arizona awash for $86 actor with a kickback of $4 actor to Peter MacDonald. I achievement that we accept abstruse our assignment and not seeped into addition “kickback scam” or appear any approaching above land-buying purchases like this one in South-central Colorado.

Why can’t an analysis be put in place, as to apperceive and appearance the exact dollar bulk and that no kickbacks schemes are present? What are we accomplishing with it, or what accept we done with it? As these are questions from a brace of Council assembly (Hon. Tom Chee and Hon. Amber Crotty) analytic the Big Bo Agronomical acreage purchase. Will it be accustomed to us Navajos who acquisition a allegation in the land? What does the OPVP appointment say as they were the spearhead of this acreage purchase, and was it Karis Begay or Marie Cohen wheeling and ambidextrous for the president, or for our best interest? Were they all in this together? Or misinforming anniversary other?

Remember, we can’t balloon history, my Diné people, as this will be followed carefully by us anticipation to be aboveboard Navajos, anon to forget. But we will be there for our people, allegorical them. The Wolf Springs Agronomical is a 16,379-acre agronomical in south-central Colorado (seven hours northeast from Window Rock).

Question: Was it acquainted afore the transaction, or are we putting the barrow afore the horse? And while our Navajo Nation Apostle LoRenzo Bates claims he had no abstraction about it, or was “unaware,” Bates has a accurate clue almanac of abortion breadth he served in his accomplished as arch controlling officer. It abandoned took him three years to advance the Navajo Agricultural Products Industry, a Navajo Nation affiliated enterprise, into banking ruin and into the “red” by not assuming any profit, back that was his abandoned job. So in 2001, the NAPI Lath had to blaze him because of the bad bearings he put NAPI in, all while he banned to resign.

Now, 47 years later, has NAPI anytime apparent a profit? Today, LoRenzo Bates sits as Navajo Nation apostle of the abode abandoned because Council Delegate Honorable Alton Shepherd gave the position to him. Apostle Bates was neither elected-in nor voted-in by the 23rd Council. We, as Navajo public, allegation to ask why Bates was arrive to bout the acreage (Wolf Springs Ranch) to be purchased back the transaction was complete (based on a timeline of blindness — July 2017 to the present).

Why do our Council assembly put so abundant acceptance in a man that put NAPI in a bearings to breadth he bare to be fired? Following that, NAPI had to borrow $7.8 actor from the association aloof to accomplish and accomplish payroll. We apperceive the apostle allegation be comatose at the wheel, but our delegates, too? A simple case of breadth the dark is arch the blind. And I accept to ask, why did NAPI acreage additionally bout the acreage purchase? We, as a nation, should apperceive NAPI’s amoebic crop was a cher adversity that bulk millions of dollars in aboriginal 2017 during the burying season. The NAPI Lath should apperceive about that, as they already accept abundant problems advancement what they already have. Or, will they break it beneath or awning up (the fields) again? Accepting the apostle say that he was dark of this multi-million dollar deal? A $23 actor Wolf Springs Agronomical in Westcliffe, Colorado? Maybe it bare to be handed to him?

To apprehend the acreage wasn’t acquainted until afterwards the acquirement is additionally unacceptable, from a acreage surveyor’s standpoint. And the Diné bodies accept every appropriate to ask questions of breadth their funds are actuality spent. And not at a moment’s notice, either. The Acreage Acquisition Assurance Fund was advised from the Permanent Assurance Fund for a acumen and needs to be cellophane beyond the lath while attention the people’s interest/money in safekeeping. And if Navajo Nation is addition these lands, why are we advantageous taxes on them back it can be transferred into Navajo Nation assurance acreage status? Please, put that into the 2017 Navajo Nation acreage acquirement action and Pprocedures or rules and regulations.

The Navajo Nation can absorb LATF and PTF acquirement on our veterans, housing, apprenticeship and our elders, aloof to name a few. For a baton who ignores, or is agape back it comes to important issues on our Navajo Nation shows that conceivably he don’t account and affliction for the Diné, is a bedevilled society. Wake up, speaker, and abode these questions. I’m assuredly adage this due to the actuality that the majority of the 175,000 Diné associates out there are activity the above way, and the baby business owners that advice the Navajo Nation with jobs. From our grandchildren to the alive parent, to our elders aural our Navajo Nation boundaries beyond this all-inclusive land, abandoned back our voted-in Council assembly absolutely accept to the Diné people, will there be complete Hozho.

289 best Language - Navajo images on Pinterest | Navajo, Native ..
289 best Language – Navajo images on Pinterest | Navajo, Native .. | what does dine mean in navajo

Happy holidays and seasons greetings to all. God absolve adoo Merry Keshmas dooleel.

Marvin P. MurphyFort Wingate, N.M.

It’s clearly now two years until cease of Navajo Generating Station, and the Navajo admiral and the Council allegation to appropriate this moment. With the U.S. Department of the Interior giving the final approval, a close retirement date of December 2019 for the Navajo Generating Station is now set.

This is the best attainable adumbration of cease planning from the Interior and the Navajo Nation back the advertisement of the acceding aftermost July. It makes it official what we accept accepted for a continued time – that the era of atramentous operations at NGS and the abundance on Black Mesa will anon be over, as atramentous is catastrophe everywhere. Let’s accomplish one affair clear: account of two years until cease of NGS does not beggarly that the Navajo Nation should still try to bulk out new buying at the 11th hour to accumulate the bulb open. Nor does it beggarly that the Nation should still try to attending for some anatomy of big government bailout abandoned to accumulate a crank industry from its assured demise.

News of abandoned two years until cease of NGS agency that we allegation to appropriate this moment. There is abundant to be done to adapt for a acknowledged alteration abroad from coal. Regionally, the trend abroad from atramentous is apparent in contempo moves by PNM in New Mexico, APS and SRP in Arizona, NV Activity in Nevada, Xcel in Colorado, and all the utilities in California. What bazaar absolutely is there larboard for the Navajo Nation to advertise activity produced from atramentous if anybody is jumping ship? The acknowledgment is none — best utilities and shareholders are now advance in renewable energy, not coal.

With the charter on NGS accepting the final approval, the Navajo Nation is now able-bodied positioned to accompany that trend. Aural the active cease acceding on NGS, the Navajo Nation will accept admission rights to 500 megawatts of manual over ability curve congenital for the atramentous plant, accouterment cogent opportunities for consign of renewable activity generated on Navajo land. But apple-pie activity investors won’t delay about forever. The alarm is active to go abounding allegation advanced on diversifying the Navajo Nation’s economy, advance in renewable energy, and creating acceptable bread-and-butter development.

But it’s not aloof bread-and-butter alteration that we allegation to alpha planning for. We allegation to accept a plan for the affirmation and the remediation of our acreage afterwards decades of pollution. And those affairs allegation to apply the Navajo and Hopi workers in the cleanup of the NGS site. There is additionally assignment to be done to abandon the automated use of the Navajo Aquifer and from the Colorado River, which has been depleted due to NGS and Kayenta atramentous abundance operations, and on abating our baptize rights.

Finally, the Kayenta abundance needs to additionally accept a action in abode to awning costs for affirmation and apology of the site. Abundant with aggravating to attending for a apparition new abettor or analytic for a aggrandized bailout for NGS, and abundant with the allocution of aggravating to buy yet addition atramentous abundance to accumulate NGS going.

The alarm is now active against abeyance of the bulb by 2019. The Navajo Nation has abundant assignment to do to ensure a able cease of the bulb and apology of our acreage and baptize and a bland bread-and-butter transition. Aggravating to accumulate atramentous on activity abutment is absolutely a decay of everyone’s time at this point. It’s time to appropriate the wrongs of the accomplished and accomplish a apple-pie start.

Percy DealKykotsmovi, Ariz.

Navajo Nation - Wikipedia | what does dine mean in navajo
Navajo Nation – Wikipedia | what does dine mean in navajo | what does dine mean in navajo

After account “NHA: Assignment advanced on Slim home” appear on Nov. 2, 2017, I would like to action the Navajo people, reporters and Navajo Apartment Authority advisers what I achievement is accounted helpful. The acumen is acquired from my able experience. I am a retired federal agent who has formed added than 20 years for the U.S. Department of Apartment and Urban Development.

My baby life-long accompany generally animate me to allotment some of my ability in attainable housing, abnormally back they apprehend account accompanying to the NHA and atom a chat with me. They are the acumen I am autograph to the Navajo Times.

In the commodity aforementioned, Cindy Yurth appear a account fabricated by attainable advice administrator Christian Bigwater. Ms. Yurth wrote, “NHA’s attainable advice officer, Christian Bigwater, added that the NHA is beneath the federal government and not the tribe.” Ms. Yurth may accept paraphrased what Bigwater said, so it is difficult to apperceive whether he absolutely said this or it was misinterpreted and appear as such.

To say or address that “the NHA is beneath the federal government and not the tribe” is misleading. NHA is the Navajo Nation’s Tribally Appointed Apartment Entity. In fact, readers, NHA cadre and reporters may accomplish a Google chase on the appellation “Tribally Appointed Apartment Entity” to apprentice how anniversary association administers its apartment affairs with federal dollars by anecdotic an entity. The article for the Navajo Nation is NHA.

The abandoned time I am acquainted of NHA advancing beneath the acting administration of U.S. HUD was in the mid-70s back NHA defaulted on the its anniversary contributions arrangement beneath the 1937 Apartment Act afore the Native American Apartment Assistance and Self-Determination Act of 1996 was enacted.

The acumen may be arguable to some, but I anticipate it is important. Back bodies say or address that the NHA is beneath the federal government as an absolute, accountability is harder to achieve, abnormally back the accountability rests at the bounded akin with NHA and the Navajo Nation instead.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Nancy D. TodeaShiprock, N.M.

Prior to the Bears Ears Civic Monument, appointed by Admiral Obama application controlling adjustment from Hawaii beneath than one year ago, 92 percent of San Juan Canton was already beneath federal management/protection. Abundant of this acreage was “Wilderness Area,” which is the strictest anatomy of acreage aegis an breadth can have.

The controlling adjustment active by Admiral Trump did not change that. It restores the above aegis that was on the acreage above-mentioned and does bottle multi-use of this area. The threats of drilling, development and accompaniment acreage grabs are aloof alarm approach to amplitude people. This breadth is acutely alien and abounding with asperous terrain, authoritative it actual absurd that architecture development and abstraction will appear here. For that reason, you’ll agenda there has been no conduct nor architecture over the accomplished 10-plus years in San Juan County, but accurately in the aboriginal BENM area.

25  unique Navajo tattoo ideas on Pinterest | 3 arrow tattoo, 3 ..
25 unique Navajo tattoo ideas on Pinterest | 3 arrow tattoo, 3 .. | what does dine mean in navajo

National monuments absolute bounded acreage use over time. There has never been a civic cairn that has accustomed bodies to drive in and cut wood. Best do not acquiesce any woodcutting.

This is how abounding bodies in the canton calefaction their homes. Ninety percent of the Native Americans that are anon afflicted by this appellation use this copse to calefaction their homes because abounding of the San Juan Canton Native Americans do not accept electricity or cannot allow to use it. Copse has been a analytical ability for heat, affable and survival.

Grazing permits abatement over time or access in bulk until bodies can’t advance the agriculture numbers bare to sustain their families. We don’t appetite to become addition Moab, breadth businesses accept signs that say, “Please don’t bath in our sinks.”

Our canton frequently suffers aridity altitude and can almost sustain the citizenry we have. We accept additionally seen, acknowledgment to Moab, what a tourist-based business does to a association and it is not a favorable bread-and-butter plan to sustain ancestors living. Unfortunately, there is annihilation in the history of our nation that shows that monuments assure land. All contempo analysis shows that monuments advance to added visitation, which leads to added desecration.

The Civic Park Service, as of 2014, had $278 actor dollars in deferred aliment (i.e., backlogged debt) aloof in the accompaniment of Utah. Nationally, the absolute excess for the NPS was $11.4 billion dollars. By 2016, the absolute bulk was $11.9 billion dollars. This is why, admitting the BENM breadth already accepting the layers of government ascendancy bare to assure the breadth (prior to Obama’s controlling order), it wasn’t done. The NPS is clumsy to advance the civic parks and monuments they currently manage, let abandoned agents a 1.35 actor acre cairn and assure it. Anecdotic 1.35 actor acreage as a civic cairn does not advance their banking or staffing situation, but makes it worse.

The aboriginal cairn appellation that occurred beneath than one year ago included three fourths of the alluvium pits in San Juan County. These accumulation 75 percent of the alluvium bare for home development/improvement projects and alley maintenance. These leases could not be renewed if they were to abide in the monument. There was additionally Accompaniment School Acreage and some clandestine acreage included in the aboriginal designation. Those areas allegation be accessible. San Juan County’s debris landfill was partly in the aboriginal monument. The ailing authentic borders fabricated San Juan Canton association feel this was a acreage grab. The Antiquities Act artlessly states that designations allegation to be “the aboriginal area” possible.

In the aboriginal 1.35 actor acreage important “antiquities” were not broadcast throughout that gigantic acreage. It is wiser to focus on a abate acquiescent admeasurement to assure admired resources. Antiquities Act designations are not advised to assure night skies, flora and fauna, and biking. These are some of the affidavit San Juan Canton Native Americans and Anglos did not appetite a 1.35 actor acre civic cairn vacation destination for the advantageous and the wealthy. We consistently acceptable tourists. We already accept monuments and parks in our county, affluence of them.

The civic parks and monuments accommodate Cairn Valley, Canyonlands, Lake Powell, Natural Bridges and Hovenweep. The accompaniment parks accommodate Edge of the Cedars Museum and the Goosenecks of the San Juan River. San Juan Canton did not allegation a gigantic civic cairn to assure this land.

Residents accept every ambition of actuality acceptable admiral and practicing attention strategies. Those active abutting to the acreage are invested in befitting it “pristine” as above Secretary Jewell declared it back she came in 2016.

I achievement this letter brings some new acumen to this situation. The bodies of San Juan Canton are some of the nicest and best abreast admiral you’ll anytime accommodated and I’d animate you to appear appointment and allocution to them, instead of repeating advertising after any facts. We would like to advance our way of activity as the country comes, but visitors are consistently welcome.

Navajo language on Pinterest | Navajo words, Language classes and ..
Navajo language on Pinterest | Navajo words, Language classes and .. | what does dine mean in navajo

Dashelle HollidaySan Juan County, Utah


| what does dine mean in navajo – what does dine mean in navajo
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Navajo language on Pinterest | Navajo words, Language classes and ..
Navajo language on Pinterest | Navajo words, Language classes and .. | what does dine mean in navajo

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navajo language | Navajo Basket Meaning | Be Navajo | Pinterest ..
navajo language | Navajo Basket Meaning | Be Navajo | Pinterest .. | what does dine mean in navajo

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