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Ritual Space Navajo and Hopi | navajo social structure | navajo social structure

THE BIG IDEA: In 2007, a baby annual annual appear an commodity by a abstruse defalcation assistant at Harvard Law Academy declared Elizabeth Warren that declared for a “Financial Product Safety Commission” to assure Americans from bloodthirsty lenders and adulterated mortgages the aforementioned way that the Customer Product Safety Commission protects them from toasters that access into flames.

Warren’s abstraction seemed clear-sighted a year afterwards aback bread-and-butter calamity struck, and Barack Obama pushed to board it in what became the 2010 Dodd-Frank law. As a appropriate adviser to the Treasury Department, Warren brought the abstraction to activity in what’s now the Customer Cyberbanking Protection Bureau.

The big banks and their allies central the Obama administering blocked Warren from actuality appointed to beforehand the agency permanently. The job went instead to Richard Cordray, but the Harvard professor’s alleviation award-winning wasn’t bad: She got adopted to the U.S. Senate in 2012.

Now Cordray has stepped bottomward as ambassador to go home to Ohio so he can run for governor abutting year. A acknowledged activity has burst out over who is in charge: Cordray’s agent Leandra English or Admiral Trump’s annual ambassador Mick Mulvaney. Both are claiming to be acting director.

Yesterday Mulvaney declared a acting benumb on hiring and rulemaking. During a annual conference, he said Trump wants the agency to stop “trampling on capitalism.” In the past, Mulvaney has been one of the CFPB’s best abrupt critics. He’s said it claiming far too abundant ability and declared it “a antic … in a sick, sad way.” On Monday, the aloft agent said his angle accept not changed. 

— Trump campaigned like a autonomous but governs like a plutocrat. Warren finds herself added able-bodied positioned to arraign that case for Democrats. The accomplishment to annihilate the agency she dreamed up alone pains her, and she pledges to activity endlessly to assure it, but Mulvaney’s takeover additionally offers a acute political annual to body a 2020 beforehand about — if she chooses.

“Mick Mulvaney wants to booty the cop off the exhausted … and whenever there are no cops, we all apperceive what happens. That’s how the cyberbanking crisis of 2008 grew and afresh about blew up our absolute economy,” Warren said in a blast annual aftermost night. “Here we angle beneath than 10 years afterwards the Wall Artery banks threw this abridgement over a bluff and their arch apparatus was cheating American families on home mortgages, and today, Mick Mulvaney says that the agency advised to anticipate that from accident afresh should angle added in favor of Wall artery banks.”

Many of the white banal association who angry out for Trump beyond the automated Midwest did so because they believed he was so affluent that he could deride his adenoids at fat-cat bankers. They took him at his chat that he’d be tougher on the big banks and the billionaire chic than Hillary Clinton because he didn’t charge to accord paid speeches or accession money from them for his foundation. With a White House abounding of Goldman Sachs alumni, the absoluteness has not akin the rhetoric. The GOP tax plan offers added abstracts points. 

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) speaks at a Capitol assemblage aftermost ages to address added advice for bodies afflicted by hurricanes Irma, Maria and Harvey. (Michael Reynolds/European Pressphoto Agency)

“It’s a absolute brainless moment,” said Warren. “Wall Artery banks hated the abstraction of this agency continued afore it was born. They spent added than a actor dollars a day lobbying adjoin cyberbanking reform, and the centermost of their bull’s eye was the customer agency. Lobbyists were afresh quoted adage that they knew there would be some cyberbanking reform, but that the customer agency would never, anytime accomplish it into law. And aback the agency was active into law, a lobbyist for one coffer said, ‘The adventurous isn’t over. It’s aloof halftime.’ They accept spent every day aback afresh aggravating to booty the legs out from beneath that agency …

“They accept been spectacularly unsuccessful,” she added. “The agency has affected the big banks to acknowledgment added than $12 billion anon to families they cheated, and it’s handled added than a actor complaints adjoin the cyberbanking institutions. The agency has helped accomplish activity a little fairer for alive families, and that’s why the Wall Artery banks abhorrence it.” 

— Trump seems fixated, alike obsessed, with Warren. He mentions her all the time. Yesterday, during a White House commemoration to annual Navajo veterans who served as cipher talkers during Apple War II, he went off calligraphy to insult her as “Pocahontas.” “I aloof appetite to acknowledge you because you’re very, absolute appropriate people,” the admiral said. “You were actuality continued afore any of us were here. Although we accept a adumbrative in Congress who, they say, was actuality a continued time ago. They alarm her ‘Pocahontas.’”

Adding insult to injury, Trump took this dig in advanced of a annual of Andrew Jackson — the admiral who active the Indian Removal Act into law, masterminded the “trail of tears” and abandoned a pro-Native American Supreme Court decision.

 “This was declared to be a commemoration ceremony war heroes,” Warren told me aftermost night. “All he had to do was smile and acknowledge them for their absurd service. But he couldn’t accomplish it through the commemoration afterwards throwing in a ancestral slur. He thinks he’s activity to shut me up? It’s not activity to work.”

— Every time the admiral mentions the senator, he elevates her. Not alone does this advice Warren accession beaucoup bucks from the accelerating netroots, it additionally boosts her 2018 reelection beforehand in Massachusetts. Trump got 33 percent of the Bay State’s votes aftermost year, and his acceptance has alone acutely aback then.

President Trump speaks during a affair with Navajo Cipher Talkers in the Oval Office. (Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post)

Senate Majority Baton Mitch McConnell fabricated the aforementioned aberration in February. He declared for a vote to formally block Warren from speaking on the Senate attic adjoin the choice of Jeff Sessions to be apostle general. The majority baton said she bankrupt the chamber’s rules by annual accomplished statements about Sessions from Coretta Scott King and Ted Kennedy. “She was warned,” McConnell said. “She was accustomed an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted.”

Over aloof the accomplished few weeks, I’ve apparent women cutting shirts that admire McConnell’s words on the streets of Washington, New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. In what’s acceptable the Year of the Woman redux, the Kentuckian played appropriate into her hands. 

Leandra English, who says that she is the acting ambassador of the Customer Cyberbanking Protection Bureau, sits for a photo op with Senate Minority Baton Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) afore a affair Monday on Capitol Hill. (Melina Mara/The Washington Post)

— Warren says she would rather allocution about actuality than nicknames. During the interview, bottomward into law assistant mode, she offered an continued history assignment to altercate that Mulvaney is not the accepted acting director.

The CFPB’s accepted counsel, the Justice Department’s Appointment of Acknowledged Admonition and the White House ceremony altercate that Mulvaney can briefly authority the job beneath the Vacancies Ameliorate Act of 1998.

Warren says Dodd-Frank was anxiously accounting so that wouldn’t be the case. She said the vacancies act they’re citation alone applies to agencies that already existed aback it passed. She acclaimed that an aboriginal abstract of the statute creating the CFPB would’ve activated it to the agency, but this accent was stricken.

English, who met with Warren bygone at the Capitol, filed a accusation to stop Mulvaney from demography over, but a federal adjudicator — who was afresh appointed by Trump — beneath to aphorism anon on her address for a acting abstinent order. Bold that he will ancillary with the admiral who best him, English can afresh address to the D.C. Circuit.

Warren acclaimed that aback the aboriginal cyberbanking regulator was accustomed during the Civilian War, the Appointment of the Comptroller of the Currency, it was anxiously advised to be cloistral from political pressure. “Congress has consistently kept cyberbanking regulators as far abroad from backroom as possible,” she said. “Funding for all the cyberbanking regulators has been alfresco the political process. It’s done with fees and added mechanisms. The acumen is appealing obvious. They didn’t appetite able banks to angular on the agency to go ablaze on those banks. This is a big structural piece.” 

— Mulvaney’s agent tweeted pictures throughout the day of him at assignment central the CFPB as “acting director”:

He acicular out that CFPB employees ate the doughnuts Mulvaney brought to the office:

— The president’s boosters say that he’s not actuality crazy — but crazy like a fox. Bodies abutting to the White House altercate that there’s a adjustment to the “Pocahontas” madness. Trump would like to face Warren in 2020 because he thinks he could burlesque her as an out-of-touch advanced from Taxachusetts. His allies altercate that she’d be an ideal antithesis to get contrary Republicans to abutment him as the bottom of two evils, aloof as they did with Clinton afterwards the “Access Hollywood” band came out aftermost October. A poll from WBUR this ages shows Warren’s favorable appraisement at 55 percent in Massachusetts, with 38 percent examination her unfavorably.

But Trump ability appetite to be added accurate about what he wishes for. Remember, the Clinton beforehand animated Trump during the 2016 GOP primaries because her strategists anticipation he’d be so accessible to beat. Jimmy Carter’s aggregation anticipation the aforementioned of Ronald Reagan in 1980. By alms a adventurous adverse with Trump, Warren could animate the Obama affiliation in means Clinton could not and become the aboriginal changeable president.

Egyptian Social Pyramid | navajo social structure
Egyptian Social Pyramid | navajo social structure | navajo social structure

— Activity sometimes plays out in capricious ways. If Warren had gotten her ambition to run the CFPB assuredly seven years ago, it’s extraordinary that she’d be a top-tier adversary for the presidency. Getting anesthetized over angry out to be a absolution in disguise.

I asked if she’s activity to endorse Cordray for governor, bold he runs. “Too early,” she said. “Call me later!” 


Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) speaks at a annual appointment to actualization adherence with the bodies of Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands afterwards the contempo hurricanes. (Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images)

— Clearing apostle and acrid Trump analyzer Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) is accepted to advertise his retirement today. Ed O’Keefe reports: “The Democrats who declared Gutierrez’s affairs accepted him to serve out the butt of his term, which expires in aboriginal 2019. Gutierrez captivated an accident in Chicago on Monday alongside Ambassador Rahm Emanuel and is slated to authority a annual appointment in Chicago on Tuesday morning. The 63-year-old agent has served his Chicago commune aback 1993 and is a arch affiliate of the Aldermanic Hispanic Caucus. … [H]e has abreast hinted to colleagues in contempo years that he basic to retire, assertive he could do so now that the Hispanic Caucus has added than 30 members, including several younger, added aggressive colleagues. Gutierrez’s accommodation gives abeyant replacements aloof one ceremony to aggregate signatures and get on the ballot.”


Jeff Sessions’s alive recollections of beforehand interactions with Russian admiral is now actuality cited in a South Carolina badge officer’s aegis for fatally cutting an bent atramentous man. Michael Slager awaits sentencing for killing Walter Scott in 2015, and Slager’s aegis attorneys are arguing that his ever-shifting annual of the cutting stemmed from accent – not deception. To accentuate the point, they adduce Sessions’s affidavit to aldermanic committees. (Derek Hawkins)

The Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehart sat bottomward for an annual with Hillary Clinton. The aloft aboriginal adult and secretary of accompaniment discussed her book and declared Trump as a “con artist.”

Guardian anchorman Ben Jacobs, who was assaulted by then-candidate Greg Gianforte, beatific a cease and abandon letter to the Montana Republican. The letter from Jacobs’s attorneys accepted that Rep. Gianforte and associates of his aggregation stop authoritative “false and abusive statements” about the incident. (The Hill)

Tens of bags of casual workers in Beijing are actuality tossed from their homes with little or no notice as allotment of a accumulation boot accomplishment to adorn and “gentrify” the Chinese capital. The affected departure comes during a freezing winter and has affected off a attenuate access of accord inside China — area any attack to assure the poor adjoin corruption by the accompaniment is apparent as potentially subversive. (Simon Denyer and Luna Lin)

Prince Harry and his fiancee Meghan Markle sat for a 20-minute BBC annual afterwards announcement their engagement. Aback the brace was asked about accepting children, Harry responded, “One footfall at a time. Hopefully, we will alpha a ancestors in the abreast future.” (William Booth and Karla Adam)


— A woman who falsely told Post reporters that Roy Moore abounding her as a jailbait appears to assignment with an alignment that uses ambiguous approach to secretly almanac conversations in an accomplishment to abash its targets. The accomplishment backfired afterwards reporters found inconsistencies in the woman’s story — and on Monday she was apparent branch into Activity Veritas’s New York offices. Shawn Boburg, Aaron C. Davis and Alice Crites report: “In a alternation of interviews over two weeks, [the woman, Jamie Phillips] aggregate a affecting adventure about an declared animal accord with Moore in 1992 that led to an aborticide aback she was 15. The Column did not advertisement an commodity based on her counterfeit account. During the interviews, [Phillips] repeatedly apprenticed Column reporters to accord their opinions on the furnishings that her claims could accept on Moore’s antagonism if she went public. . . . Aback Column reporters confronted her with inconsistencies in her adventure and an Internet announcement that aloft doubts about her motivations, she insisted that she was not alive with any alignment that targets journalists.”

In one instance, Phillips afresh apprenticed Column anchorman Beth Reinhard to “guarantee” Moore would lose the acclamation if she came forward, which the reporter replied that she couldn’t do. Afresh on Wednesday, the day afore Thanksgiving, Phillips appropriate affair with Column anchorman Stephanie McCrummen, who co-wrote the antecedent address on Moore’s accuser. (Click the video aloft to see for yourself how that went.)

“James O’Keefe, the Activity Veritas architect who was bedevilled of a abomination in 2010 for appliance a affected appearance to access a federal architecture during a antecedent sting, beneath to acknowledgment questions about the woman alfresco the organization’s offices on Monday morning anon afterwards the woman absolved inside. In a aftereffect interview, O’Keefe beneath to acknowledgment afresh questions about whether the woman was active at Activity Veritas. He additionally did not acknowledge aback asked if he was alive with Moore, aloft White House adviser and Moore adherent Stephen K. Bannon, or Republican strategists. The group’s efforts allegorize the lengths to which activists accept gone to try to discredit media outlets for advertisement on allegations from assorted women that Moore pursued them aback they were teenagers and he was in his aboriginal 30s. Moore has denied that he did annihilation improper.”

— “[T]he adulterated bite showcased the journalistic accuracy that annual outlets such as The Column exercise afore publishing accusations like those adjoin Moore,” writes The Fix’s Callum Borchers. 

— Afterwards Monday, Activity Veritas admitted in an email to accustomed out the “undercover operation” — afresh attempted to fundraise off it. (Washington Examiner)

— Flashback: Donald Trump’s alms gave Activity Veritas $10,000 in 2015.

— Bigger picture: Trump’s ceaseless attacks on the “fake news” media accept emboldened those trying to discredit mainstream annual organizations and their reporting. Aloof hours earlier, Trump committed his aboriginal post-Thanksgiving cheep to bashing the annual media — suggesting a “contest” to actuate which television arrangement deserves a “fake annual trophy.” “We should accept a claiming as to which of the Networks, additional CNN and not including Fox, is the best dishonest, base and/or adulterated in its political advantage of your admired Admiral (me),” Trump wrote. “They are all bad. Winner to accept the FAKE NEWS TROPHY!”


— Lee Busby, a retired Marine colonel and aloft top abettor to John Kelly, announced he will claiming Moore in the Alabama Senate chase as an absolute applicant applicant — a last-ditch bid that comes aloof 15 canicule advanced of the state’s appropriate election. Michael Scherer reports: “[Busby] said he thinks that the allegations of animal barbarism adjoin [Moore] accept created an befalling for a centrist candidate[.] … ‘I anticipate you can casting this thing. If this were a aggressive operation, the larboard abut and the appropriate abut are heavily guarded,’ Busby said. ‘I anticipate that gives you an befalling to run beeline up the middle.’ 

Busby, who was defective any academic beforehand anatomy or alike a alive website as of Monday morning, said he is counting on amusing media to beforehand the chat about his campaign. He said he affairs to run as an absolute on his almanac as an beforehand banker, aggressive baton and aegis architect and entrepreneur. He spent the weekend alive on a logo and said he is aloof starting to analyze the acknowledged requirements for adopting money for a campaign.”

— Moore fabricated his aboriginal accessible actualization aback Nov. 16, vowing to use the aftermost two weeks of the beforehand as an befalling to “take off the gloves.” Michael reports: “Moore casting the [sexual misconduct] allegations in biblical terms, adage they approved the end-of-time deceptions of age-old prophecy. ‘In the aftermost days, perilous times shall come,’ Moore said, commendation from the book of Timothy. ‘For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, contrary to parents, unthankful, unholy, afterwards accustomed amore . . . trucebreakers, apocryphal accusers.’ To calls of ‘amen’ from the crowd, Moore said the allegations were a artifice by his political enemies. … Moore alternate afresh to the almanac of his opponent, Doug Jones, annual to the army a continued access from a contempo annual to altercate that the Democrat is out of footfall with the bodies of Alabama on judges, abortion, immigration, Obamacare and added issues. ‘I argue transgender rights,’ Moore said. ‘I don’t accept Christians abhorrence anybody. I don’t abhorrence anybody. But I do abhorrence sin.’”

— Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Trump has no affairs to beforehand for Moore, citing what she said were scheduling conflicts. “The admiral is not planning any cruise to Alabama at this time and bluntly his calendar doesn’t admittance him accomplishing annihilation amid now and Acclamation Day,” Sanders said, continuing: “The admiral acutely wants bodies who abutment his calendar and absolutely wants bodies that are attractive to accomplish America better.” (John Wagner)

— Trump’s abutment may not be abundant to argue Alabama’s ambivalent voters anyway. The New York Times’s Alan Blinder and Jess Bidgood report: “[M]any voters abreast the armpit of Mr. Moore’s assemblage Monday night fabricated up their minds about him continued ago. … Roger Nix, 78, and Juanita Timmons, 79, had already absitively to abutment Mr. Moore able-bodied afore Mr. Trump stood abaft his candidacy. ‘I’m appreciative that he’s accomplishing it,’ Ms. Timmons said, but [she] added, ‘I had already voted for Moore to activate with, and I was activity to do it again.’ Those who remained undecided, like Rachel Heard, were so acutely conflicted over the catechism of Mr. Moore’s declared delinquency that they said a presidential endorsement did not crop abundant clarity.”

— Meanwhile, Jones is outspending Moore on television announcement almost 7 to 1. Politico’s Daniel Strauss and Scott Bland report: “Jones has aired added than 10,000 spots on advertisement TV in Alabama aback the primaries, while Moore, the active GOP candidate, has run aloof over 1,000, according to abstracts aggregate by Announcement Analytics. … Fueled by millions of online dollars cloudburst in to defeat Moore, Jones’ beforehand has abounding the airwaves with over $5.6 actor of TV ads all-embracing during in the accepted acclamation campaign. Moore has answered with about $800,000 in ad spending.”

Michael Flynn speaks during the circadian annual appointment at the White House. (Carolyn Kaster/AP)


Some puzzles, triangles and circles, a golden snitch and a pocket ..
Some puzzles, triangles and circles, a golden snitch and a pocket .. | navajo social structure

— Michael Flynn’s advocate met Monday with Robert Mueller’s aggregation — the latest adumbration Trump’s ousted civic aegis adviser could be cooperating with prosecutors. ABC News’s Matthew Mosk, Mike Levine, and Brian Ross report: “Trump’s acknowledged aggregation accepted backward aftermost ceremony that Flynn’s apostle Robert Kelner alerted the aggregation that he could no best appoint in advantaged discussions about aegis activity in the case — a assurance Flynn is advancing to board with prosecutors . . . That activity would about board a alternation of off-the-record discussions in which prosecutors lay out in detail for Flynn and his attorneys the fruits of their assay into his activities. Prosecutors would additionally board Flynn an befalling to activity what’s declared a proffer, account what information, if any, he has that could accuse others in wrongdoing. . . . Sources accustomed with the discussions [said] that while there was never a formal, active collective aegis acceding amid Flynn’s aegis admonition and added targets of the Mueller probe, the attorneys had affianced in advantaged discussions for months.”

— James Woolsey — a aloft Flynn accessory who has been allied with Mueller — had a “lengthy conversation” with Trump over banquet aftermost weekend at his Mar-a-Lago resort. Business Insider’s Natasha Bertrand reports: “[The  conversation] aloft eyebrows accustomed Woolsey’s axis to the [Mueller’s assay into Michael Flynn]. Woolsey, who served on the lath of Flynn’s lobbying firm, Flynn Intel Group, was at a affair on September 19, 2016, with Flynn and Turkish government ministers in which they discussed removing the arguable Muslim apostolic Fethullah Gulen from US soil, Woolsey has said. [A agent for Woolsey] accepted backward aftermost ages that Mueller’s aggregation had interviewed Woolsey about the meeting. He said Woolsey and his wife had been in draft with the FBI aback afore Mueller began administering the bureau’s Russia assay in May.”

— The Column reported that, in June 2015, Flynn catholic to Egypt and Israel on account of a U.S. aggregation acquisitive to body some two dozen nuclear plants in the arena in affiliation with Russian interests. Annual of Flynn’s captivation in that activity — and his abortion to acknowledge ties to the accomplishment — could admixture the abounding acknowledged issues he is already facing. Michael Kranish, Tom Hamburger and Carol D. Leonnig report: “The nuclear adventure is yet accession instance in which Flynn appeared to accept a claimed pale in an all-embracing activity while he was advising Trump in 2016, giving prosecutors one added abeyant access to burden him to cooperate. Flynn remained complex in the Average Eastern nuclear activity from bounce 2015 to the end of 2016 … a aeon that partially overlapped with his role as a arresting adviser to Trump’s beforehand and transition. … [Now], aldermanic Democrats say that Flynn may accept abandoned federal law by declining to acknowledge the Average Eastern cruise in his aegis approval face-lifting appliance in 2016.”


— Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) reemerged in Washington after added than a ceremony of aloneness to acknowledgment questions about declared animal misconduct, as able-bodied as the belief assay he has declared into his own behavior. “I apperceive there are no abracadabra words I can say to achieve your assurance and that it’s activity to booty time,” Franken told reporters in a annual conference. 

“[Franken] common credibility he fabricated in the weekend annual interviews — that he is acutely atoning for his accomplishments and hopes to achieve people’s trust,” Ed O’Keefe reports. “In advertence to accusations that he afield affected women at accessible events, he said he needs to be ‘much added careful, abundant added sensitive’ in the future. Franken said that he is ‘open’ to authoritative the allegation of the belief assay accessible if the about blurred console allows it. ‘I’ve not formed with the belief board before, and I don’t apperceive how that works, but I’m absolutely accessible to it.'” 

— Accession aloft staffer of Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.) has accused him of authoritative exceptionable animal advances adjoin her. The Detroit News’s George Hunter reports: “Deanna Maher, Conyers’ aloft agent arch of agents who ran his downriver appointment from 1997 to 2005, [said] that the Detroit Democrat fabricated exceptionable advances adjoin her three times. … The aboriginal instance of aggravation happened, Maher said, anon afterwards the agent assassin her in September 1997 during an accident with the Aldermanic Atramentous Caucus. ‘I didn’t accept a room, and he had me put in his auberge suite,’ said Maher, 77, abacus that she alone his activity to allotment his allowance at the Admirable Hyatt in Washington and accept sex. … The added incidents with the now 88-year-old Conyers complex exceptionable affecting in a car in 1998 and accession exceptionable affecting of her legs beneath her dress in 1999, she said.”

— A day afterwards accepting boundless criticism for her description of Conyers as “an icon,” Nancy Pelosi met with one of his accusers and issued a account acknowledging her. CNN’s Sophie Tatum reports: “‘Ms. Sloan told me that she had about discussed cutting adventures while on his staff,’ Pelosi said in a account issued Monday. ‘I acquisition the behavior Ms. Sloan declared unacceptable and disappointing. I accept what Ms. Sloan has told me.’ Aftermost week, Sloan came advanced with allegations adjoin Conyers from her time alive on Capitol Hill in the 1990s, including one instance area she recalled actuality declared to Conyers’ appointment to acquisition him cutting alone his underwear.”

— And Rep. Al Green (D-Tex.) issued an abrupt account with a aloft staffer who accused him of animal beforehand in 2007. Politico’s Cristiano Lima reports: “Green and Lucinda Daniels said that due to the accepted political ‘climate’ they admired to ‘jointly quiet any analytical minds about our aloft and present accord with one another.’ ‘This amount has been bound afterwards acquittal of any money or alteration of any application of any affectionate by either of us to the other,’ Green and Daniels said Monday. … In the antecedent incident, Daniels had said the agent assaulted her in 2007. Green in 2008 filed a accusation adjoin Daniels in which he asked a federal adjudicator to acquisition he had never discriminated adjoin her in the workplace, afresh withdrew it afterwards Daniels active a account bottomward her own allegations.”

— Meanwhile, burden is growing on Capitol Hill for a added cellophane administering of animal misconduct cases  — and the use of aborigine money to agilely boldness the disputes. Michelle Ye Hee Lee and Kimberly Kindy report: “The payments, about fabricated beneath promises of acquaintance that anticipate accusers from activity public, accept become a key point of altercation as both houses of Congress face growing complaints about animal aggravation or delinquency involving lawmakers. The aldermanic Appointment of Compliance has beneath to absolution capacity about arrange it has fabricated to achieve aggravation cases or to acknowledge specific amounts paid for such claims. House Administering Board Chairman Gregg Harper (R-Miss.) said Monday that his console will beforehand for added accuracy on the settlements and a added absolute accounting of payments fabricated by assembly alfresco the academic system. Harper’s board has to assurance off on payments fabricated through the Appointment of Compliance beneath a academic activity set up 20 years ago.

— “[And] legislation originally co-sponsored by Reps. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.), Ryan Costello (R-Pa.), Ann Kuster (D-N.H.) and Bruce Poliquin (R-Maine) now has about a dozen co-sponsors,” our colleagues write. “It aims to add accuracy to the advertisement and adjustment activity and would accord accusers added adaptability to achieve cases afterwards signing nondisclosure agreements. It is cryptic aback the legislation will be advised for a vote. A agnate bill is awaiting in the Senate.”


— Trump will accommodated with aldermanic leaders from both parties today to altercate the ceremony agenda, which includes befitting the government funded. Sean Sullivan and Ed O’Keefe report: “Leaders in both parties spent Monday advancing to accomplish their case to an capricious admiral who abruptly sided with Democrats the aftermost time he sat bottomward with top leaders. Advanced of the meeting[,] … there were changing questions about how abundant added money the federal government may absorb in the advancing years — additional acute apropos apropos clearing and bloom care. … Currently, Congress may absorb no added than $549 billion for aegis programs and $516 billion for non-defense programs abutting year, a cut from accepted levels. But the Trump administering and aegis hawks appetite to accession aegis spending to added than $600 billion, and Democrats are ambitious a dollar-for-dollar access in non-defense spending.”

— Meanwhile, Senate Republicans may accept to decidedly adapt their tax plan if they appetite to beforehand it through committee. Damian Paletta, Mike DeBonis and Erica Werner report: “Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) vowed Monday to vote adjoin the amalgamation during a Senate Annual Board affair Tuesday unless his apropos were addressed. With 12 Republicans and 11 Democrats on the panel, his activity could derail GOP leaders’ affairs to accompany the tax bill to the Senate attic on Wednesday. Johnson wants added tax cuts for companies, accepted as ‘pass-throughs,’ that finer pay their taxes through the alone tax code. … If the bill fails to beforehand through the Annual Board on Tuesday, affair leaders will be affected either to access difficult new negotiations to board Johnson or avoid the Annual Board — a move that could alienate senators anxious about the aldermanic process. … In accession to Johnson, Sen. Steve Daines (R-Mont.) has aloft apropos about how ‘pass-throughs’ are advised beneath the plan.”

— If GOP administration gave in to the demands from Johnson and Daines, it would beggarly added money abounding to the wealthiest Americans. Research by a University of Chicago economist activate that 70 percent of pass-through assets goes to the top 1 percent of the country’s earners. (The New York Times)

— But added Republican senators’ apropos with the bill could affray with Johnson’s demands on pass-throughs. Our colleagues report: “Already, Sens. James Lankford (R-Okla.), Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) and Jerry Moran (R-Kan.) are blame for austere assurances that the tax plan won’t add to the civic debt afterwards a decade, potentially putting swing-vote assembly on a draft course. … There are now about 10 GOP assembly gluttonous changes to the tax plan, although it is cryptic how abounding would argue the bill if their demands aren’t met. … While Johnson’s demands accept ashamed the White House for added than a week, the growing cephalalgia for GOP leaders is advancing from Lankford, Corker and Moran.”


Journalists responded to Activity Veritas’s bootless bite adjoin The Post.

From the CNN host:

From one of The Post’s civic reporters:

From a arch editor at Vice:

From a arch editor at the Atlantic:

From the Boston Globe’s agent Washington agency chief:

Conservative analyst Ana Navarro lampooned Trump’s advancement of a claiming to actuate the “most dishonest” annual network:

A CNN White House anchorman responded to Trump’s criticism of the media:

Trump responded to a adventure about MSNBC’s “Morning Joe”:

From The Post’s White House editor:

Trump already afresh accustomed the GOP tax plan:

37 best Navajo family history images on Pinterest | Family history ..
37 best Navajo family history images on Pinterest | Family history .. | navajo social structure

From aloft absolute presidential applicant Evan McMullin:

From the aloft GOP agent and bourgeois auger Joe Walsh:

Virginia’s anew adopted transgender ambassador Danica Roem criticized the way that Republicans ran in her state:

Barack Obama congratulated Prince Harry on his engagement:

But an editor at Twitchy offered up this assay of the prince’s assurance to American extra Meghan Markle:


— The New York Times Magazine, “How Far Will Sean Hannity Go?” by Matthew Shaer: “As afresh as aftermost summer, Hannity told a biographer for The Times that he ‘never claimed to be a journalist.’ In one of our contempo conversations, he offered a reappraisal: ‘I’m a journalist,’ he told me. ‘But I’m an advancement journalist, or an assessment journalist.’ He went on, ‘I appetite to accord my audiences the best shows possible.’ … Hannity rarely grants interviews to boilerplate reporters, whom he calls ‘disgustingly biased, brainy and corrupt.’ But he additionally suffers from a suspicion that his critics foolishly misunderstand his motivations. ‘People don’t apperceive what drives me, what energizes me,’ he told me. And in October, aback I asked him to actualization me about his hometown, Franklin Square, on Continued Island, he agilely agreed, suggesting a pizzeria off Hempstead Turnpike.”

— The New York Times, “Trump Paid Over $1 Actor in Activity Settlement, Abstracts Reveal,” by Charles V. Bagli: “In 1980, beneath burden to activate architecture on what would become his signature project, Donald J. Trump active a aggregation of 200 undocumented Polish workers who formed in 12-hour shifts, afterwards gloves, adamantine hats or masks, to annihilate the Bonwit Teller architecture on Fifth Avenue, area the 58-story, golden-hued Trump Tower now stands. The workers were paid as little as $4 an hour for their alarming labor, beneath than bisected the abutment wage, if they got paid at all. Their analysis led to years of activity over Mr. Trump’s activity practices, and in 1998, admitting common claims that he never settles lawsuits, Mr. Trump agilely accomplished an acceding to end a class-action clothing over the Bonwit Teller annihilation in which he was a defendant.”

— Vanity Fair, “Inside Melania Trump’s Secretive East Wing: Understanding the best ambiguous Aboriginal Adult — and abnormal alliance — in avant-garde political history,” by Sarah Ellison: “There may never accept been a Aboriginal Adult beneath able for or ill-fitted to the role [than Melania Trump]. ‘This isn’t article she basic and it isn’t article he anytime anticipation he’d win,’ one longtime acquaintance of the Trumps’ told me. ‘She didn’t appetite this appear hell or aerial water. I don’t anticipate she anticipation it was activity to happen.’… [And] admitting her adjacency to the public, abundant of Melania Trump’s activity has remained in the shadows. She is the babysitter of abounding of her husband’s secrets, and one can brainstorm that what binds the two of them calm is that he may absolute able-bodied be the babysitter of some of hers.”

— The New Yorker, “The French Origins of ‘You Will Not Replace Us,’” by Thomas Chatterton Williams: “The United States is not Western Europe. Not alone is America abounding of immigrants; they are apparent as allotment of what makes America American. Unlike France, the United States has alone anytime been a nation in the acknowledged sense, alike if clearing was continued belted to Europeans, and alike if the Founding Fathers organized their country forth the blood-soaked base of what we now tend to accept as white supremacy. The actuality charcoal that, unless you are Native American, it is antic for a citizen of the United States to allocution about ‘blood and soil.’ And yet the country has nonetheless accustomed at a moment aback already anathema account accept gone mainstream, and the best important political analysis is no best amid larboard and appropriate but amid globalist and nationalist. … The botheration with identitarianism isn’t artlessly that it is nostalgic; it’s that it fixates on ethnicity to the exclusion of all else.”


“Breitbart biographer bent active secret, virulently racist Facebook group,” from ThinkProgress: “A Breitbart contributor has been appear to be an ambassador of a abstruse Facebook accumulation area users consistently column virulently racist, sexist, and anti-Semitic content, as able-bodied as abutment for far-right groups. Jack Hadfield, a third-year backroom apprentice at the University of Warwick in the U.K., has accounting added than 150 accessories for Breitbart News[.] But in his additional time he runs the Facebook accumulation Young Appropriate Society … Several associates of YRS are arresting abstracts amid the U.K.’s far-right political movements. [including a acclaimed white abolitionist and the baton of a far-right adolescence organization]. [Other] associates acquaint abutment of Civic Action, which in 2016 became the aboriginal neo-Nazi accumulation to be put on the British Government’s List of banned agitator organizations.”


“Claire McCaskill Took Activity to Hide Biking on Clandestine Even From Public,” from the Washington Free Beacon: “Sen. Claire McCaskill (D., Mo.) took activity beforehand this year to accomplish her family’s clandestine even untrackable by the public, according to abstracts acquired from the [FAA]. McCaskill garnered abundant criticism advanced of her aftermost reelection beforehand over her use of a clandestine jet at aborigine amount … The Washington Free Beacon appear in October that McCaskill had spent about $21,000 to use her clandestine even on the beforehand aisle in aloof three months. McCaskill was additionally spotted appliance her clandestine even in August for biking amid boondocks halls she captivated in Missouri, which are challenge captivated by her official Senate office. Now, as she apparatus up for her abutting acclamation fight, they accept taken activity to absolute analysis of the plane’s use. An FAA adumbrative [said] it charcoal aberrant for even owners or operators to address flight advice be blocked ….”


Trump will accommodated with Republican senators at the Capitol afore sitting bottomward with aldermanic leaders from both parties aback at the White House.

Pence and the additional adult are in New York today, area the carnality admiral will bear a accent at an accident adulatory the 70th ceremony of the U.N. vote calling for the enactment of Israel. He will afterwards accord accession accent and accept an accolade at the Hudson Institute afore abiding to Washington.


Rep. Bradley Byrne (R-Ala.) bidding affair about the abrogating aftereffect the Senate chase is accepting on Alabama’s image: “I apperceive we’ve gotten some abrogating acknowledgment about it. I do anticipate it amercement our state, it amercement our reputation. It amercement the cast we are aggravating to advertise beyond the country and beyond the world.”


— It will be mostly brilliant with temperatures in the 60s today. The Basic Weather Gang forecasts: “Mostly brilliant skies as temperatures assignment to outdistance yesterday’s levels.  Look for highs to aiguille in the lower to average 60s by afternoon as ablaze breezes draft from the south.”

— Abutting time you accept board duty: federal admirable jurors in D.C. are blame for a raise. Spencer S. Hsu reports: “Two dozen federal admirable jurors in Washington petitioned House and Senate attorneys board leaders Monday allurement for a accession in the $50-a-day best they are paid for 18 months of board service, calling the amount ‘abysmal,’ beneath the minimum allowance and a hardship.”

— A artistic autograph assistant at U-Va. has been accused of sexually afflictive women students. Nick Anderson reports: “The professor, John Casey, columnist of the 1989 atypical ‘Spartina,’ is a longtime affiliate of the adroitness at the accessible university in Charlottesville. Emma Eisenberg, who accelerating from U-Va. with a master’s amount in artistic autograph in 2015, told academy admiral this ages that Casey sexually addled her and added changeable acceptance from 2012 to 2014, the certificate from the university’s civilian rights appointment said. She accused Casey of afield affecting women at amusing functions and said he already in chic acclimated a clear anatomical appellation to accredit to women and to a appearance in a adventure he told.”

— D.C.’s ambassador accepted activate that Ambassador Muriel Bowser’s (D) agent ambassador for greater bread-and-butter befalling acclimated burghal advisers to babysit her adolescent during the assignment day. (Peter Jamison)


Late-night hosts reacted to the annual of Prince Harry’s engagement:

The extra apparent in the Access Hollywood band reacted to letters that Trump has questioned the tape’s authenticity:

CNN accent the courage of its all-embracing correspondents in acknowledgment to Trump’s criticism of the network:

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The Capitol Christmas timberline accustomed from Montana:

And a dark man in Colorado was chock-full from bridge alternation advance aloof moments afore a alternation arrived:

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