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THE MYSTERY NOVELS of Tony Hillerman (1925–2008) focus on ability and landscape. His aboriginal three Navajo novels featured Joe Leaphorn; the novels that followed featured Jim Chee, with casual appearances by Leaphorn. Both are admiral in the Navajo Tribal Police. They are superb trackers, and their compassionate of how bodies acknowledge to the imperatives of ambiance is capital in accepting to the basal of contrarily incomprehensible crimes.

Chee, who is adolescent than Leaphorn, is a University of New Mexico alum with added roots in Navajo culture. He is of two minds about whether to abide on the Reservation and considers applying to the FBI, which would booty him abroad from Dinétah, the acceptable citizenry of his people. But he additionally studies Navajo rituals with his uncle, gluttonous to become a yataali — a shaman who performs the ceremonies of absolution and ablution that accredit the Navajo bodies to “go in beauty.”

A stronger airy ambit emerged in the Jim Chee mysteries, abundantly because Chee’s greater adaptability as a appearance acclimatized Hillerman to advance added attenuate perceptions. Chee is a accommodating man, not a superhero — acclimatized to watching and waiting. His adjustment is to seek to accomplish accord with the crime, the abode area it occurred, the victims, and the perpetrators. He allows the accuracy of the bulk to appear gradually, facts and atmosphere arena off his agog close aural board. Thus, Chee is able to actuate what happened accidentally and what intentionally, and whether assertive accomplishments are appropriately or abominably attributed to a accurate suspect. While Chee’s adjustment is abundantly intuitive, his intuitions are both arresting and believable.

Hillerman had artistic affidavit to bandy detectives, but as he appear in this interview, there was additionally a applied reason: he had absent the rights to Leaphorn’s appearance aback he acclimatized an beforehand atypical to be optioned for television.

Tony Hillerman was in Los Angeles on October 30, 1984, to allege to a UCLA chic at the allurement of adolescent abstruseness biographer John Ball, best accepted for In the Heat of the Night. Hillerman was already able-bodied known, accepting accustomed the Abstruseness Writers of America’s celebrated Edgar Allan Poe Award in 1973, for the best abstruseness atypical of the year: Dance Hall of the Dead. I interviewed Hillerman, a big, friendly, bashful man advancing 60, at his hotel; we afresh had banquet afore he gave his talk. We exchanged belletrist several times over the afterward two years.

This account would accept remained in its book binder but for an email from James McGrath Morris, who is alive on a Hillerman adventures and who had appear beyond the archetype in Hillerman’s archives.


TONY HILLERMAN: The acumen I feel adequate with Navajos and am admiring to them is that, in abounding ways, they are the aforementioned affectionate of bodies I am. It is, as I’m abiding you know, a absolutely bankrupt country. They’re rural. A lot of them try to blemish out a active adopting sheep or cattle, or agriculture in baby ways, which was absolutely my background. They’re ailing accomplished — absolutely my accomplishments again. They’re absolute affable people. They abode a aerial bulk on humor, on cogent stories. But to skip to me, I was built-in in a little, tiny, drying-up capital boondocks in Oklahoma alleged Sacred Heart, founded by the Benedictines aback it was Indian Territory. They put a abbey in there and formed out a accord with the Potawatomis. We farmed, and my dad ran the bushing station/store there.

ALAN WARHAFTIG: What was the population?

Seventy-five then. It no best exists. It had a little cavalcade office, a little capital cavalcade office. There was a affection gin there, see. A lot of the bodies about there were Potawatomi, some Seminoles. My playmates, my best friends, were the Delonies, who were Potawatomis, and the Harjos, who were Seminoles. I went to St. Mary’s Academy. The Sisters of Mercy had appear in there afterwards the Benedictines and accustomed a boarding academy for Indian girls. The Benedictines were educating boys. The Benedictines went their way, confused off — fatigued out I guess. The Sisters backward abaft and ran a boarding academy for girls. The accessible academy was a two-room academy with one teacher. My parents allegedly didn’t anticipate abundant of it, and they, and several added parents about there, got the Sisters to let us guys go to academy there. So, there were about 10 or 12, maybe 14 boys, who went to that girls’ school. Some girls, too, who weren’t Potawatomi. So, I grew up alive Indians aloof like everybody else.

Is there a affinity amid the Indians in that allotment of Oklahoma and …

None, absolutely different. Except the best important accepted denominator is that we’re all associates of the aforementioned species. Therefore, in 99.7 percent of the ways, we’re absolutely identical. But in the absolute three-10ths of a percent, the cultural, the Potawatomis and Seminoles had appealing able-bodied absent their culture.

I accept that aback you played cowboys and Indians as accouchement you had to allurement the Indians to be Indians in the game.

Everybody capital to be a cowboy. We aloft apples and we’d allurement the Delonies to be Indians so my brother and I could be cowboys. Give ’em an apple. They were Indians anyway, of course. Alike afresh it amused me. Anyway, accustomed that, alive that they’re aloof like you are, afresh you go bottomward to New Mexico, as I did appropriate afterwards World War II, and I began seeing Indians who had maintained their culture. And I was intrigued. I got a job active an oilfield truck, carriage conduct accessories from Oklahoma City to the Navajo Reservation. That’s the aboriginal time I’d run into them. That was 1945, I guess.


I was not acquainted of Hillerman’s aggressive almanac aback we met, and he didn’t allege of it during the interview, but he was a actor in the D-Day landing and accustomed the Silver Star and Bronze Star as a teenaged infantryman during World War II. In Seldom Disappointed, his 2001 memoir, Hillerman wrote about the Helleresque absurdities of the Army, but he toughed out arduous winter altitude as assembly were blood-soaked and dying all about him in engagements with the SS. He abundant the encounters for which the Silver and Bronze Stars were awarded, and did not see, in either instance, why he adapted a badge — or why he was singled out aback others were appropriately or added deserving. Affiliate 12 is titled, “How to Get a Bronze Star Without Alive Why.” He wrote that he was awarded the Silver Star “for my one-shot, one-grenade aegis of the alley alfresco Sessenheim.”

Hillerman was awarded a Purple Heart afterwards he was actively afflicted in a landmine explosion. He anticipation he was activity to die in a addled acreage abreast Niefern, Germany, and was ailing in France for bristles months. He absent afterimage in both eyes for two weeks and lived the blow of his activity with “useful eyes in abandoned one eye.”

Interestingly, his aboriginal acknowledgment to Navajo ability occurred aback he alternate stateside and met two Navajo Marines who had fought in the war in the Pacific, and for whom an Enemy Way commemoration was performed “to acknowledgment them to accord with their people.”


10 Things You Need to Know About Navajos - Indian Country Media ..
10 Things You Need to Know About Navajos – Indian Country Media .. | navajo environment facts

Were you in the service?

Yes, I’d aloof gotten aback from World War II. I had a ambulatory furlough. The war wasn’t absolutely over, so you could get a job. Bodies were arrant for anybody to do anything. I’d never apprenticed a truck. I had a application over one eye, and I absolved with a cane. But you could aces your own job, and that looked interesting. Besides, I was admiring to the barter owner’s babe at the time. Then, aback I managed to get transferred to New Mexico in 1952, I best it up.

Now you had meanwhile become a announcer …

Yeah. I had meanwhile gone to the University of Oklahoma, got a bulk in journalism, got a job as a badge anchorman in Texas, and confused around. Got to United Press. Covered politics, got transferred to Santa Fe. The accompaniment capitol agency administrator got sick. They bare somebody; they offered it to me, and I jumped at it.


Hillerman didn’t acknowledgment that he rose to become controlling editor of The New Mexican in Santa Fe, area poet-critic Winfield Townley Scott served as book editor. Pulitzer Prize–winning biographer Oliver La Farge, columnist of Laughing Boy (1929), wrote a account cavalcade on amenities and morals. Hillerman larboard for Albuquerque in 1963 and accomplished journalism at the University of New Mexico from 1966 to 1987.


When did you move into autograph fiction? Had you consistently had that desire?

In the aback of my mind, I consistently thought, someday, I’m activity to address the Great American Novel. Aback I got to be in my backward 30s … I’d accounting a few abbreviate belief and beatific them off and got the accepted bounce slips. You know, I still can’t address abbreviate belief absolute well. But in the aback of my mind, I consistently capital to try my duke at fiction. So, I absitively I wouldn’t alpha appropriate off with War and Peace. I’d alpha off with article short, and it seemed to me that mysteries accept a affectionate of anatomy I admired to read. At the time, I’d been account Eric Ambler, and I’d been account Graham Greene and a brace of bodies like that. I’d apprehend either after novels or abbreviate belief — I didn’t apperceive who had accounting them, but they’d been accounting about Australian aborigines. The adumbration ashore in my mind. They were absolutely interesting, I thought. And it occurred to me that I apparently wouldn’t be absolute acceptable at plotting, but I knew I was a acceptable anecdotic writer. I knew I could do that. I didn’t apperceive how acceptable I’d be at any added thing. I anticipation it would be bigger if I could run this adjoin a accomplishments that would be interesting. Maybe it’d advice me advertise it. At first, I anticipation I’d use Apaches. But I was absolutely abundant added absorbed in Navajos, and it seemed to me they offered abundant added opportunity. They’re a added complicated culture, and there are added of them, so I absitively on the Navajos, cerebration I would try my duke at a abstruseness and then, if I could go the distance, afresh I would address article important.

Then you got absorbed on mysteries?

Well, I don’t anticipate I’m acceptable abundant yet to address article important.

But the elements that accomplish your books appropriate could be independent in any cardinal of fiction forms.

Yeah. But the abstruseness has so abounding advantages now that it has burst out of that asinine classical apprehension tradition. Thank God for Chandler and Hammett and [Arthur] Upfield and those guys. You can do annihilation you appetite with it. It gives you a adventure band that holds your readers’ interest, I think, while you’re accomplishing whatever you appetite to do with it. I anticipate it’s a admirable anatomy for anybody who wants to address a novel.

Your books appearance that you accept a abysmal compassionate not abandoned of Navajo ability and the cerebration processes of Leaphorn and Chee but additionally of the Hopi and the Zuni. How did you apprentice so abundant about their ceremonials?

Well, if you’ll anticipate back, you’ll apprehend that you see the Hopi and the Zuni through the eyes of a Navajo. He’s an outsider, aloof as I am. He’s an absorbed alien to those cultures, and he doesn’t apperceive a affair added about them than I do, see. I could not accept accounting the Hopi or the Zuni book, either one of them, from the angle of a Hopi or a Zuni. I feel adequate with the Navajo. I accept a lot of Navajo friends. I apperceive a hell of a lot added about the Navajo ability than best Navajos do. They’re like the boilerplate Kiwanian, the boilerplate guy you’d run into on the street. Ask him about his adoration and he’ll accredit you to a preacher. Best Navajos are the aforementioned way.

You accept two Navajo detectives, and they accept basically the aforementioned botheration of a ample amplitude of acreage to patrol. And they use the aforementioned techniques — both their ability of Indian cultures and additionally acceptable apprehension techniques. What’s the difference, in your mind, amid Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee?

And why did I change, is array of a aftereffect question. Leaphorn was started affectionate of as an accident. I didn’t intend him to be an important appearance in that aboriginal book. Aback I got it aback from Harper & Row, they said they’d broadcast it if I gave them a appropriate aftermost chapter. That gave me an befalling not aloof to fix it, but to fix it for the aboriginal time in my activity alive that somebody would broadcast it. Meanwhile, I’d become absolute amorous of Leaphorn as a character, so I not abandoned wrote a new aftermost chapter, which was not a hell of a lot bigger than the aboriginal one, but I additionally broadcast his role in the book. But I still had accustomed him a non-Navajo name, and I was absolute careless. I hadn’t developed him as I would if I’d accepted he was activity to be an important character. So, I was affectionate of ashore with some things about him, and as I kept autograph I became burdened by the actuality that he was too old, too sophisticated, too savvy. I mean, he knew aggregate about the white culture. And he didn’t decidedly accept of it, but he wasn’t afraid by annihilation or decidedly analytical about the white culture. I bare a adolescent guy who was absolute absorbed and analytical about the white culture.

Are you activity to bead Leaphorn?

I haven’t acclimated him for three books. Frankly, at the aforementioned time I was chief to do this, I briefly absent television rights to Leaphorn. One of the books was optioned, and in a abominably accounting contract, I absent assuming rights.

What Are the Key Events of Navajo History? (with pictures) | navajo environment facts
What Are the Key Events of Navajo History? (with pictures) | navajo environment facts | navajo environment facts

So you capital to move to addition character.

Yeah. The two things formed together. I would accept done it anyway, but that gave me a acceptable reason. Now I’ve got Leaphorn. I bought him back. But all of the Navajo books are beneath cine option. And there’s declared to be a movie, but you’ve been out here, you know. You apperceive how it is.

I apperceive screenwriters who apprehend your books attractive for backdrop to adapt. Best adjudge they can’t possibly acclimate them because the anticipation action of your detectives is so internalized. But in Bodies of Darkness you opened it up by giving Jim Chee a sidekick, Mary Landon, to whom he could explain what was activity on. Was that a acquainted choice, to accessible up the affecting possibilities?

No. It was a acquirements process. The added you write, you apprentice that some of these things are aloof too abuse difficult, and they about-face out to be arid aback a guy’s aloof central his arch a lot. For example, in Listening Woman, the additional affiliate — aback I aboriginal wrote it, Leaphorn’s abandoned in the badge car, and I go aback and arrest a kid and stick him in there with him. Give him some company. It was aloof a acquirements process. It wasn’t annihilation …

It’s not so abundant a botheration as a read. It’s mostly that it can’t be depicted visually.

But it’s affectionate of a botheration as a read, too, I think. I’m absolute acquainted of the agitation of my reader. I’m absolute acquainted that he buys my book to be entertained and that he’s got a bound bulk of altruism for me to spiral about with. So, I tend to try to address them with the anticipation in apperception that I don’t appetite him to say, “Aw, the hell with it,” get bored, put it down, and airing abroad from it.

Are Leaphorn and Chee anytime activity to amalgamate forces?

I don’t know. I’ve anticipation about it. I absolutely don’t feel they’d like anniversary added absolute well.


In a letter postmarked March 4, 1985, Hillerman wrote to me: “Have a artifice in apperception which would use both Chee and Leaphorn — Chee on the absolute arena of a distinct crime, Leaphorn aback in the authority at Window Rock attractive at an arising arrangement of which Chee’s case seems to be a baby bit. Maybe I will address it.” This is about the artifice of Skinwalkers, the aboriginal atypical to advance both Leaphorn and Chee, which Hillerman appear in 1986.


Which books are your favorites?

It’s affectionate of like allurement a ancestor about his accouchement because you can see what’s amiss with anniversary one of them. You can see their failures and shortcomings. You can additionally see the absorbing things about them, if they’ve got any. Alike if they don’t, usually. The one I think, on balance, that I like best is the aftermost one, The Dark Wind, because I anticipate I assuredly abstruse how to accomplish an intricate artifice assignment well. In Bodies of Darkness and Listening Woman, for example, I wasn’t so blessed with the way the artifice worked. Writing, for me, has consistently been a affectionate of band-aid to a problem. I like to write. Almost annihilation — speeches, you name it. I address all kinds of crap. I address for National Geographic, which is a adamantine affair to address for. I’m aggravating to advertise article now to Reader’s Digest, for God’s sake. I don’t anticipate I’m anytime gonna get it sold. I’ve got a arrangement from them, and at atomic I’ll get a annihilate fee. But you aloof think, attending at this idiot formula. I affliction to be acute abundant to whip that. So, you think, I affliction to be able to address a good, intricate plot, alike admitting I’d rather call clouds.

That’s funny. Best of the bodies who can address for Reader’s Digest would annihilate to be able to address mysteries like you.

[Laughs.] I assumption so …

I accept that we’ve aloof witnessed the “grass is greener” phenomenon.

I don’t apperceive what it is. I’m challenged by article that’s boxy to do. Boxy for me to do. And I like to try it. So, you end up crumbling a lot of time with being you don’t affliction about already you’ve done it.

You know, it’s interesting. I apprehend The Fly on the Wall first. Afresh I got into the Chee books. Afterwards those, which I enjoyed tremendously, I couldn’t accompany myself to apprehend the Joe Leaphorn books for some time.

Oh really. Why not?

American Indian culture of the Southwest (article) | Khan Academy | navajo environment facts
American Indian culture of the Southwest (article) | Khan Academy | navajo environment facts | navajo environment facts

I was so loyal to Chee that I wasn’t able to about-face detectives. Leaphorn doesn’t accept the inherent absorption of Chee.

He doesn’t. A lot of readers acquaint me, “I still adopt Leaphorn.” They say, “Why don’t you go aback to Leaphorn?” I anticipate they’re wrong. For what I’m aggravating to do, I apperceive they’re wrong.

Well, the advantage to Leaphorn is that you get added of the reasoning, added of the mural and cultural detail because the adventure hasn’t opened up — there aren’t added characters to absorb, and you haven’t gotten into intricate plotting.

I assumption maybe so.

I reread Bodies of Darkness the added day, and I had abandoned about the hit man. Because what had addled me about your books was the aggregate of the Indian cultures and the landscapes. And the detective with a bottom in two altered worlds, defective the methodologies of both to break the crime. In the Leaphorn books, you get that “multiple worlds effect” in abundant added authentic form, but Chee is acutely a added absorbing character. You were additionally a bigger biographer by the time you wrote the Chee books.

I’m animated to apprehend you say that. I can’t tell. I appetite absolute abominably to accumulate acceptable a bigger writer. I’m not sure, in my own mind, that I’m authoritative any progress, and to apprehend addition biographer say that is important to me. I’m delighted.

Your faculty of the mural is special. How do you get those landscapes? Do you go on forays to acquisition settings to address from memory?

I consistently go to area I’m gonna address about, get a activity for it, affectionate of acquire things, so I feel comfortable. I address affectionate of in scenes, and I’ll absorb a lot of time with my anxiety up, cerebration about what’s gonna appear in a chapter. Not aloof what’s gonna happen, but the way the wind’s blowin’ and what time of day it is, and area the light’s advancing from and the billow formations and what you’re smelling and how hot it is, and what affection the characters in a book are in. And I don’t accept an abominable lot of time to be at the absolute places because I advise full-time, and I like to do added things. Aback I do get to the — now — chat processor, I’ve got that arena … All I’m accomplishing absolutely is advertisement what I’ve apparent in my imagination.

But it’s additionally abstruse with the artifice details. Leaphorn, in The Absolution Way, advised annoy advance activity up and bottomward a mountain. He has to adapt the advance to actuate what happened. It appeared to him that the advance had been fabricated by addition in a hurry. Because Navajos don’t alike accept a chat for hurry, Leaphorn absitively that the man he was tracking was a Navajo who had larboard The Way. It was this absolute accord of landscape, character, plot, and ability that was so arresting about Arthur Upfield’s mysteries — the way that Napoleon Bonaparte, Upfield’s half-aboriginal detective, would apprehend attenuate signs in the outback.

When I wrote The Absolution Way, I hadn’t apprehend Upfield aback I was a child. I’d absolutely abandoned who had buried those images in my mind. Afterwards the book came out, some analyst or added referred to Upfield, and I thought, “By God, I admiration if that’s the guy from my childhood.” I went out to the library, begin the Upfield book, and while I’ve never to this day begin the being that I remember, it’s acutely the aforementioned man.

Your books are consistently in the Mysteries section. You don’t acquisition them in Fiction or Literature. How do you feel about the brand division?

It doesn’t bother me. Some bodies it does bother — bodies who appetite to address abstract and afresh acquisition it in the Mysteries section, and it bugs them. I amount such things booty affliction of themselves. If I address article that’s acutely literature, somebody will apprehension it, and they’ll go aback to my added books, and they’ll say, “Well, this is literature, too.” Maybe.


I accomplished Hillerman’s 1982 atypical The Dark Wind to aerial academy juniors for added than 20 years, addition it was admired for burghal teenagers to be apparent to arid landscapes and the worldviews of Navajos and Hopis. It was a curricular commencement to the Transcendentalists and consistently evoked affable memories of my time with Hillerman years earlier.

Hillerman may not accept accounting The Great American Novel, but he created affably unselfconscious American abstract — a memorable alternation of abstruseness novels absorption activity in one of America’s best alluring places.

Hillerman and his wife, Marie, aloft six children, bristles of them adopted. Babe Anne absitively to abide the Jim Chee stories, announcement Officer Bernadette Manuelito of the Navajo Tribal Police, ahead a accessory character, to a co-starring role. I began to apprehend the aboriginal of her three novels with agitation and concluded up pleased. The artifice of the additional atypical was actively flawed, but the third was aback on track. I attending advanced to the fourth.


Alan Warhaftig taught English at LAUSD’s Fairfax Aerial School for 24 years and served as co-coordinator of the Fairfax Magnet Center for Visual Arts for 18 years.

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Navajo Nation Indian Reservation – American Indian Reservations L .. | navajo environment facts

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