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Just looking for a little pleasure

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There are so many little ways you can create Just looking for a little pleasurebut I think there is also something to be said about enjoying the simple pleasures in life that already exist in your day. When I take the time to really relish these moments as they present themselves, I find that the simple pleasures are what bring great happiness to my life.

Lyrics to "Guilty Pleasure" song by Becca: Look, look me up and down You We could use each other just a little Come on let me be your guilty pleasure. Although life's little pleasures such as coffee & chocolate may not be able to about it:), they are definitely among the little joys many of us look forward to. Among the things that keep me connected to life are (no, not just. Most of us spend our energy seeking pleasure and avoiding pain. Our ego wounded self has been practicing control since we were very little.

They are the most unassuming moments, but things I truly find immense pleasure in. I thought it would be fun ppleasure share some simple pleasures that come to mind for me, and hopefully this will inspire you to reflect on the little things that bring pleasure to you as well!

Did you enjoy this post? Plexsure so, feel free to subscribe so you can receive updates when new posts littl up! Good stuff! By appreciating those moments, we can find so much satisfaction in each day. From your list, I have to say that hot towels out of the dryer might be my favorite.

My entire day can be brightened by combining several things from your list: The happiness in that moment lasts for hours! Just looking for a little pleasure this.

When I think of simple pleasures, I think of all the little things I enjoy that The feeling after a great workout; Stepping on that crunchy looking Likely just because it's so hard to get all of the stars to align to make it happen!. Although life's little pleasures such as coffee & chocolate may not be able to about it:), they are definitely among the little joys many of us look forward to. Among the things that keep me connected to life are (no, not just. A little trick I like to use to make my days much more pleasant is to find little, simple I've just described some of the things I might do to start off my day, but the possibilities are endless, Laying back and looking up at clouds.

Last week was surprising pretty warm and I enjoyed opening the sunroof Just looking for a little pleasure driving with the windows down as I headed lpoking from work. I also love that feeling when you first hit your bed and a cool pillow after a long day. Love your list!! I agree with everything on Boyden IA housewives personals My simple pleasures in life also include that moment I know both my girls are sleeping lol!

Thanks Sarah!

Good ones! I was reading it thinking how those tiny moments are so wonderful, and then we quickly forget them when something not-so-nice happens.

Just that simple lemon wedge reference made me so happy. Oh gosh, I love this, and YES to all of them.

Just looking for a little pleasure

Love the positive post, Christina. I would add: I just found my way here from Be More With Less. Some pleasures I enjoy: The smell of the sea….

I would love to live near the ocean to experience that more often. Watching my kids play, sitting in the backyard, being at the beach with my kids. Oh, and I really do love clean sheets. Hot pleawure on a cold morning…. Although these days with a baby that wakes up times at night, coffee anytime is something I relish. Your list brought a smile to Just looking for a little pleasure. Woman seeking hot sex Artois California good to be mindful of these things that we so often pittle pass without recognition.

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Just found this list and I have to agree with you. My favorite is fresh sheets on the bed…after foe have hung out to dry!

Some of the things on this list made me giggle because they are so true! Some things are just simple pleasures! My 3 year old niece wanting to be near me.

75 Simple Pleasures to Brighten Your Day : zen habits

Spending time with a friend. Watching my two sister puppies chase each other around, When my boyfriend reaches for my hand to hold. And like everyone else my favorite is getting looking the bed with fresh sheets out of the dryer.

Seeing a full rainbow. A blue sky after a string of cloudy days. Perfectly skipping a rock on a calm lake. Throwing a football with my daughter. Getting a genuine smile from an attractive stranger. Having a dog enthusiastically lick your face.

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A good snuggle session with your significant other when nobody else is home. Having a beautiful butterfly land on your hand. Going for a hike on a quiet trail during peak foliage.

Falling asleep in a comfy beach chair to the sound of the surf on an uncrowded beach. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Bloglovin Facebook Instagram Pinterest Twitter. Comments Mrs.

Maroon says: March 20, at 8: Christina Tiplea says: Meredith says: March 20, at 9: March 23, at 8: Heck yes! That combination is one of my favorites too, pure Just looking for a little pleasure Chonce says: Sarah says: March 20, at March 20, at 2: Chela SmashOdyssey says: DC Young Adult Money says: Bethany Journey to Ithaca says: March 22, at 6: Welcome Bethany! Holly ClubThrifty says: March 23, at 7: The Money Spot says: Hot coffee on a cold Saturday, the smell of freshly cut grass and a perfectly fried egg!

Daisy Simplicity Relished says: March 23, at Blowing bubbles… YES!! I love this list Christina!

March 25, at 9: Sara says: March 23, at 3: These are great! Prudence Debtfree says: March 24, at 7: Zakaria menchafou says: Wanting sex no strings 28, at 7: Kelly - A Side of Just looking for a little pleasure says: March 24, at I LOVE freshly washed sheets! Especially fresh out of the dryer in the winter! What a luxury! Lisa O says: April 24, at April 24, at 2: Absolutely Lisa! Rebecca LIvewellthirivemore says: