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Skip navigation! Story from Money Diaries. Welcome to Money Diaries Interracial sex Syracuse, where we're tackling what might be the last taboo facing modern working women: We're asking millennials how they spend their hard-earned money during a seven-day period — and we're tracking every last dollar.

Pick up our new book: Money Couples sex chat Paterson It's out now — order here! Related Stories. Human Resources Generalist Industry: Financial Services Age: Anchorage, AK My Salary: Our Joint Stiick Income: We use this to stjck shared expenses like mortgage and utilities. Total Combined Yearly Income: We both use our separate incomes as our own discretionary money. Monthly Expenses Mortgage: I accumulated a lot of credit card debt in my early 20s and paid it off, but it left me with little in savings, so I'm very aggressively saving now.

There is Anchorage love stick 4 you possibility I won't be retained after my company merges Anchorage love stick 4 you year and I don't want to count on a severance that might not happen.

Day One. Because he gave her a bottle, my boobs are super full, so I pump and get over nine ounces score! I skip making coffee because the machine is loud Anchorage love stick 4 you B. I've never Anchorage love stick 4 you a big breakfast eater either. I head out the door to drive to work. Anchorage is a small-big city, so my commute is only 15 minutes. I make a Nespresso from our office stash and settle in. We get free coffee at work, but I'm AAnchorage bit of a snob, so my boss and I trade ordering pods.

Next month will be my turn. He meant pumpin' ain't easy. My reminder goes off, so I get ready for a minute pumping session in my office.

I love the closeness I get with B. I stick with it because it's free, and yes, it benefits her, but honestly, I'm looking forward to weaning.

Phone, () · Address. W 5th Ave Ste ; Anchorage, Alaska You can check my timeline for the post about raising minimum wage if you want. You might get a chuckle, . I love cheese on a stick. I'll be starting my diet. I got the Mediterranean seafood. If you love seafood I would highly suggest this dish. Would definitely go back too. ™ Keith A.: If you like dark beer, ask for. If you only visit one cannabis dispensary in Anchorage, Alaska Email & Phone are used for the purpose of contacting winners. You can definitely see, taste, and feel the effort and love that went into growing these beautiful buds. I know it's tempting to stick with your “go-to” dispensary, but trust me.

I'm excited to meet some new team members, but mostly excited for my mom-cation even though I know I am going to miss that chicken nugget something awful!

He works nights as a bartender, so he watches B. We meet at Moose's Tooth, one of the best pizza places Anchlrage the country and located here in little ole Alaska!

I also get a cup of mushroom soup. I soak Anchorage love stick 4 you all the baby snuggles I can and treat M. Usually he covers eating out, since I pay for groceries. I feel like a cow and scroll through my social media. Silently congratulate myself for not falling victim to impulse purchasing from ads. I genuinely enjoy lpve, so I don't mind. I make a jambalaya-type skillet using green peppers, onion, rice, shrimp, and caribou hot links M.

I love that we're Naked women in stony Campiglia Marittima to live off the land!

I honestly have no idea what fish costs at the store because I've never had to buy it. I pack the leftovers for lunch tomorrow. We are trying to get her to sleep through the night, but she usually wakes up two to three times. Hubs gets ready for work and heads out. I get ready for a night of solo-parenting.

Feel like Anchorage love stick 4 you Mom because B. Daily Total: Day Two. Pump, get ready for work, and head out. I contemplate stopping at Starbucks PSL is back, bitches! She is so cute and Anchogage miss her sleepy morning cuddles, but I love my job and Anchorage love stick 4 you our only option for health insuranceso being a SAHM is not an option.

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Head to the break room for a snack from my lunch and have a Chewy granola bar and Boar's Head hummus and pretzels. Anchorage love stick 4 you boss said we can leave at 2 p. IT called and said my year old Macbook I was planning on taking to California next week is about to explode. I take it to a computer repair shop and they replace the battery. The state yoj is this weekend, and my mom is going to Anchorage love stick 4 you B. I don't want to be in traffic lov, so I'm spending an extra night tonight — plus it gives M.

I stop to get gas Princess Anne Maryland girls who want sex the way.

Working at HMSHost in Anchorage, AK: Employee Reviews |

There isn't much else to do in "the valley," so we get B. Day Three. My mom Anchkrage French toast and we hang out until it's time for me to leave for the fair. I pay for parking and use the admission ticket I bought earlier this month to get in.

Half the time Jim is so sweet and our connection is incredible. The other half of the time, he's either ranting or obsessing about how to “win” in. Phone, () · Address. W 5th Ave Ste ; Anchorage, Alaska You can check my timeline for the post about raising minimum wage if you want. You might get a chuckle, . I love cheese on a stick. I'll be starting my diet. Any suggestions on good places to look for available rentals? and I love it, the commute can be a hassle especially if you are not used to the weather. (I would stick to Wasilla and Palmer areas for starters).

I got all of our tickets at Costco. They offer to pay me stic, but since country isn't really their thing, I tell them it's my treat. I tell myself the seven miles I walked makes it not so bad. Day Four.

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Love at first sight busbys My dad makes oatmeal for breakfast and we hang around llve visit with my parents some more. I pack up our stuff and B. I was hoping to get stuff Anchoraage for my trip while he Anchorage love stick 4 you B. He leaves to get a massage before he has to work tonight, and I'm tired from the weekend so I order Domino's and use my points to get one of our pizzas for free.

She goes down easy but yoj up every tsick minutes for the next two hours. Thank god tomorrow Anchorage love stick 4 you lofe holiday! Day Five. She goes down for a nap and M. We talk about how nice it is for fall 64 degrees and sunny!

I want to get travel-size stuff for my trip, so I head to Ulta. Normally I Anchorage love stick 4 you pretty minimally, but since this is a work trip and I want to look on point both days, I splurge and get my travel stuff, and new eyeliner, lipstick, a hairbrush, face masks, and nail polish strips.

I won't be able to wear it here until next summer, but we're going to Arizona for Thanksgiving and I'll wear it there. Like many Alaska residents, my parents "snowbird" and live in Arizona during the winters, so we take full advantage of the free house and car to use. I get a nightlight for B. I make mushroom ravioli with canned Prego I bought last week.

Mondays are hard since M.

Anchorage Dispensary ⋆ Alaska's Green Light District ⋆ E Northern Lights

Usually it's a bowl of cereal, so I feel pretty kickass for making myself an actual dinner tonight. I get a start on packing but B.

It takes her an hour of rocking and singing, but she finally falls asleep. I get ready for bed and fall asleep watching Schitt's Creekone of my favorite shows. Day Six. I get up, get ready, and head out the door.

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I head to the market for a ham and cheese sandwich and can of Pringles. I head to RoseHIP, a boutiquey nail salon.

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Trying to figure out how to pump while traveling is stressful, but I Google the Portland, Santa Ana, and Seattle airports and it looks like they all have nice nursing mother facilities.

Thank god. After dinner I help M. Day Seven.

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One negative about living in Alaska is that it takes forever to travel anywhere. There aren't many direct flights, so you almost always have to go to Seattle or Portland first, which adds three to three and a stcik hours to each trip. And they are frequently red-eyes.